Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Bang for Your Buck Exercises

Golfers lack a few things:
1.) hip mobility
2.) spinal stability
3.) thorasic mobility
4.) ground leveraging
5.) oblique strength

Most of the better golfers I have dealt with typically show good performance in all 5 of these areas. The feedback? A better swing and a better golf game. At a minimum, maybe one area may need some work, but overall, the segmental muscle actions create a beautiful, yet powerful golf swing.

Here's a great drill I came up with for some of my golfers that need "tweaking". I call it the Coil/Recoil Drill for Anti-Rotation Training.

How to set up: Place a band (I use a JC band in the video) and prop into a door jam at about shoulder level or slightly below. Wrap the band (tubing) behind your upper-back and bring the handle out in front of you at your chest. Hold the handle securely at your chest with arms close to your mid-chest. Cup your other hand in front of you, so that you become "one" with the tubing. There should be a considerable amount of tension on the band--really try to take a few steps back from the door-jam and get the band tight behind your back. The band should be wrapped and touching your body.

Stand with feet shoulder width apart and get into an "athletic" position (knee slightly bend, hips slightly extended). To execute, take a deep breath and turn your torso slowly TOWARDS the door-jam. You should feel resistance at this phase in the drill. Turn your torso as much as you can without letting your feet turn also. Keep those secured to the floor.

As your return to the starting position, the band will "propel" you back. This is where you reap the benefits (in 2 ways). First, resist the temptation to just "let go" and return to the starting position. The anti-rotational phase of this drill is important as it helps work the obliques of the torso and the spinal stabilizers. The second half of the video, I actually DO propel. This will enable my hip rotators to stretch dynamically.

For exercises that have alot of bang for your buck, this one ranks up there. It covers all 5 of the components I've listed above and has been a plus in my toolbox when working with my golfers. Give it a try!!


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