Monday, May 11, 2009

When a Client Teaches a Trainer

I think each week a client teaches me something. Each week, a client--any client--teaches me something about themselves, my training, or myself. Each client serves as a mirror of sorts, to help me reflect on WHO I am...WHAT I do...and HOW I am doing it.

Each week, I learn something new about:

1.) Serving others and what it means to help them reach a new level of accomplishment...

2.) Understanding how others view exercise and process instruction

3.) Realize how "coach-able" people can be

4.) How well my levels of temperament improve

5.) How customer service oriented I am and if I am having a bad day, how it gets affected

6.) How my own training affects how my mood is towards training someone else

7.) Realizing how personal matters in a client's life simply can be forgotten in a session, or can drastically effect their attention

8.) How looking in your client's eyes is more powerful than any "how to" manual

Each week, my clients invest in me and I invest in them to continuously keep improving myself as a professional. You know, people demand to be respected and others warrant respect simply by their actions, demeanor, and character. I know, that each client leaves my facility feeling respected and respecting me, because not only are they the student--they are also the teacher.


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