Friday, May 29, 2009

Trainer Professionalism Tip #2: "Entitlement"

Many trainers I speak to get frustrated or impatient with the prospect of building a clientèle. It can be rather difficult to leave a "safe" 40 hour week job to pursue a passion like fitness training and not see any business coming your way. However, with frustration lingering, there should also be a good amount of temperament developed when approaching prospective clients and selling your services.

I recently came across a trainer who quoted a prospective client a package of 12 sessions for $500. The prospective client did not like something about the consultation and immediately ended it and sought out another trainer.

The trainer was upset with the client and the next time he ran into her, he made a snide remark and rolled his eyes. When he explained this encounter to me, he seemed self-righteous and over-confident. He stated he felt "entitled" to get the client's business 'because he is there to help her'.

Professionalism Tip: Never dispose a relationship with a potential client--even if they are no longer a potential client. Trainers, especially new ones, should create realitionships with everyone that they come across--whether it is in the commerical facility, studio, or even inside a supermarket. Forming bonds of recognition with customers is important because you leave a lasting impression on them that integrates the encounter with the service you provide. You may not get their the business at the time you prefer, but moreso at the time that is conveient for the client--or a referred customer. Making snide remarks or ignoring prospective clients because they refused your services in the past, is a sure-fire way to kill your business. Perform a self-inventory on yourself. What areas can you improve?

Explaining your services more thoroughly?

Losing the car salesman persona?

Listening to the client more?

Presenting yourself more professionally (communication)?

Learn more about those areas here.


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