Wednesday, May 20, 2009

McKenize for Lower Back Drills

I've used the McKenize press-up as a stretch with many of my golfers...most of which, are also low-back suffers. I find it to be a great drill for many desk-workers that are in a constant state of passive flexion. However, I have found that most that perform this exercise either find relief in it or find it to aggravate the lower back more. Firstly, the hyper-extension can put some stress on the lumbar discs if there is not enough flexibility in the abdominals and anterior trunk. If there is not sufficient flexibility in the trunk, the hips are possibly overly tight. Not uncommon--especially in desk workers that leave work at lunch to make tee time at 1:00pm. Watch the video below and see what I mean:

If you train clients that perform this movement like I did towards the end (with the improper involvement of the hips), then you should recognize that it may be doing more harm than good. Have your client improve trunk extension a safer way by using the decompression drill (standing).

Once, you see some sign of improvement in the sequence of the drill, try it on the floor. Make sure you have your client in the progression that I have demonstrated. Good luck!

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  1. I have a low back injury as well and am flexion intolerant, and the McKenzie press offers tremendous relief. I've also found that hip flexor stretch/planks & bridges really help. Actually just getting off the chair helps. If I could I'd kneel on an airex pad all day at work!


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