Saturday, May 9, 2009

Boxer Trainer

Are you one of those trainers that likes to incorporate boxing into your clients' training sessions? Chances are you are not a boxer or have never been in the ring, but you like to teach your client how to throw a jab or uppercut to go along with those walking lunges?

Learn from my friend, Rob Pilger--boxing extraordinare and fitness expert. Rob has bridged the gap between strength & conditioning with boxing. Now, he is busy producing top fighters at his facility in Columbus, Ohio. I say top fighters because Rob understands the physical conditioning involved in boxing along with the technique and skill. For instance, did you know that for every client you train that possibly doesn't feel comfortable learning how to punch is actually acquiring a new bio-motor skill? That new skill acquisition actually "heightens" the entire nervous system to help improve reaction time (preventing falls), quickness (first step), and hand eye coordination (mental acuity). All in all, expending maximum calories, and burning fat? Not bad for throwing some punches and thinking of some serious stresses.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Rob Pilger. Check it out here.


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