Monday, April 6, 2009

My Interview with Keith Scott

There are way too many people in the fitness field that claim to be experts. Wayyyy too many individuals applying the wrong concepts in the wrong situations, simply because they got it out of the most popular fitness book. Well, there are a handful or so fitness professionals that I respect because they get up every day and actually train clients, AND are very knowledgeable.
These elite fitness professionals harness a "bank" of knowledge, and simply add to it day in and day out through applicable experience. They are good at what they do and they can spot those that aren't.

Well, one of those pro's is none other than Keith Scott, MS, ATC, CSCS. When I contacted Keith and told him I wanted to conduct an interview with him, I thought to myself "Keith is alot like me". He pulls no punches and despises unprofessional-ism and lack of common sense in the fitness field. So, you can expect that this interview really expanded on alot of trainer dynamics.
Check out the interview here.

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