Monday, April 13, 2009

Hype, Smoking Mirrors, & then Reality

Here is a news article that came out that really angers me:

It basically talks about how there is a large influx of unqualified or under-qualified trainers working in the country. Many will tell me to "dismiss it" and "let the ignorant perish in their own ignorance".

However, we as fitness professionals, cannot survive as crabs pulling each other down in a barrel. This type of negative coverage about our profession is basically...bad for business. All our business.

The problem lies where trainers are just not good....regardless if they work independently or for a gym.

Gyms look at trainers WITH dollar signs and independent trainers look FOR dollar signs.

There is a difference.

Because there is no regulation in this industry, it is a free-for-all for any trainer--regardless of education, prior experience working out, and training to be hired or working. News reports like this simply do further damage to the profession. And you are affected by it regardless of your employment status.

Trainers have taken their eye off the ball...

There is so much marketing on becoming successful in the field (thru financial means), but no one focuses on becoming successful because you are just that damn good. The marketing focuses on hype, rather than improvement and it is self-serving and damaging to the profession. Don't get me wrong...nothing wrong with marketing. I do it. But when the marketing shifts its focus on instant financial entitlement and not "craft betterment", there lies a problem. All the marketing starts to look like these banners you see at carnivals and the circus.

"See the World's Smallest Horse"

"See the Longest Snake in the World"

"See the World's Shortest Woman"

All hype, and then you go inside the tent and you realize there isn't anything in there special.

Thats how alot of trainers are. All smoking mirrors. Then you meet them, talk to them, and dissect what they say and you can tell where they stand in knowledge, application, and intent.


  1. Great article/post! I am with you on this one!

  2. Thanks! There is MANY professionals that agree with my post. There are still some of us that care about the profession --as a profession!


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