Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Client: "Let Me Get Back to You"

Question: How do you all deal with clients who get cold feet, and say they'll get back to you after you set them down and go over everything with them? And how do you deal with price hagglers, I think this could be a good discussion for the board about sales.

Answer: "Okay..this has happened to me and I know it happens to alot of trainers. It is totally natural for the prospective client to "think about it". I don't totally agree that you lost the just are not going to get it right there and then. That is a sign that you need help on your sales tactics/verbiage. OR...your "pitch" and presentation totally sucked and you did lose it.

Most times, prospects have to think about buying a package, because they are not sure of THEIR commitment level. If you played your cards right and detailed exactly what is expected from them, modifications they will need to make, and the results expected--most will be unsure THEY can achieve that. You are basically selling them something they can't see (intangible).

If you understand the behavior modification model, prospects have a hard time believing that they can achieve a goal by paying someone to help them right off the bat. You have planted the seed. Now, you can plant the seed in 4, 5, 6 more prospects and if you PROJECT confidence in your abilities and BACK it up...then you got your sale at the end of the week or next week!

Just make sure you can back up what you claim. If you are good--and it comes with experience--you will be worth every dime. I can usually sniff out who the trainers are that talk big, but suck at training. And consumers can do the same. It is just like listening to a used car salesman.

Today, when someone tells me they need to "think about it". I simply say something like:

"Okay...but just remember, I can't hold that 3:00pm slot for long because I may have another client asking me for it. And I am booked in the mornings and evening with existing clients. That slot is one of the only free times I have available that fits both of our schedules. If you sign up sometime in the next few days, I can solidify my schedule and get you on that program...we can get started as soon as Thursday."

Guess what happens then?

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  1. John, I agree with you, I've told many clients that if they walk away today chances of that time slot that they want being available next week is slim. Usually by the time they come back they've lost it, and have to settle for something that is not as convenient for them.

    The fact is, there are plenty of people out there that want great trainers and you loose one prospect guess what, next week there will be someone else that will be ready to get started with you!


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