Friday, April 24, 2009

Add to Your Workout...

Exercises are like guns. Lying on a table, a gun is not dangerous at all until the user picks it up. Certain exercises are the same way. They look cool and advanced until the user starts to perform them. With that being said, there are some obvious exercises that I’ve eliminated from my own personal program and some of my clients. Let’s see, the obvious shoulder busters: behind-the-neck lat pull-downs, behind-the-neck presses, and upright rows. Believe it or not, some people can get away with performing these aforementioned exercises all their lives without injury or pain. The structure of the shoulder joint (acrominum process and rotator cuff health) helps determine that. However, I am willing to wager a good chunk to tell you that most of us fall outside of this model.

However, the exercises I have eliminated out of my program and what I’m suggesting don’t necessarily present a direct or obvious danger to you if used sparingly. But then again, both does sugar and second-hand smoke.

You’re probably wondering: “Which exercises should I not do, John?” Well, I have eliminated certain exercises because frankly, I have found them conducive to over-training or generally wasting time. We typically relate over-training to the frequency of a particular exercise used in a program. For instance, we think that if one performs too many bench presses or too many curls that it leads to shoulder or elbow problems. For example, a painter can paint a wall with a brush, then go into another home and place wallpaper up, and then go home and fix a door frame. He then experiences shoulder pain. What activity is to blame for this acute sign of chronic things to come? Is it the brush, wallpaper, or door frame?

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