Wednesday, April 8, 2009

3 Trainer Profiles

Over the last couple of years, there have been an influx of new trainers and strength coaches that have entered the field and reaching popularity via the Internet. I came up with a few commonalities that I have found between the bunch.

The Unprofessional Trainer
1.) These trainers are made up of the typical testosterone-driven males ages 19-26, that preach the same ideologies to their gym buddies.
2.) These are the same trainers that act like old high school bullies that take your seat in the cafeteria.
3.) These are the ones that keep blogs and write about nothing but the latest trends in building muscle and laundry list of sexual conquests.

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The Emotionally Attached Trainer
1.) This is the trainer who loves to train clients, but not one client has changed.
2.) This is the trainer that likes to talk about the weekend, rather than listen to client breathe heavily. (oh yeah...see #1)
3.) This is the trainer that cannot separate work from life.

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The Inexperienced Trainer
1.) The trainers that carry a clipboard.
2.) The trainers that buy every book on fitness, yet don't just go into the gym and experiment themselves.
3.) The trainers that quit personal training in hopes of following a marketing strategy to make millions of dollars (and they usually don't).

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  1. I carry a clipboard. Call me inexperienced. YAY! :D

  2. Hey, I have a Trapper Keeper!!!

    Don't worry, don't let my generalization get you down ;)

  3. The "Inexperienced Trainer" is one that carries a clipboard? Are you serious right now? I've been a personal trainer for years and guess what? I carry a clipboard. Want to know why? Unless you're a trainer with a steller memory, you may refer to a sheet that gives you the clients previous weight and rep info that allows me to ub the weight or lower the weight depending on the clients performance. I also use notes that tell me which settings I used for different machines. You know. seat ajustments... That sort of thing. Here's the truth about clipboards... If you want to find a personal trainer who cares about PROGRESS and SAFETY... Then you should be looking for a persoanl trainer with a clipboard.

  4. So there are only three? I would think there should be at least one positive. As a newbie, I fall into category 3 but what can we do? You have to start somewhere. And reading all the books and posting on forums are ways to gain knowledge and expose your ignorance to others. It's part of the process. Besides, if we didn't post on forums, some of us wouldn't have found your excellent blog. :)


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