Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What Golfers Need...

As the warm weather begins to make its way up here in the Northeast, I can't help but wonder what the golfers may be thinking. I bet they can't wait to pick up their newest $300 golf club, or their new gadget that will "increase their club speed", or "add 100 yards to their drive". The recreational golfer is probably the most vulnerable kind when it comes to marketing gimmicks that will improve their golf game. More specifically, the wealthy golfer is very susceptible to dumping their dollars into anything and everything that may get them one step closer to Tiger Woods.

My day to day experience with golfers intrigues me. They will spend the money. They will take the lessons. They will purchase the gear. The "snake oil" in golf is the power of persuasion. Manufactures and salesman persuade wealthy golfers to purchase the latest golf gadgets to make their game better, and make the effort much, much easier.

This population wants to work less but reap the best rewards. It baffles me to see the length they will run simply to become a better golfer. This population may be a bit different than other recreational sports athletes, because golf is a game of individual technique. Technique that is enhanced with proper conditioning, strength, and flexibility. Not with better clubs.

So when does the golf professional or instructor realize that his student must make the necessary adjustments to their exercise program in order to nail the "technique" of a golf swing down? The problem is, they don't. That is why they are sent to me.

I "fix" the muscles that are inhibiting the improper technique. And with the cooperation of the golfer and adherence needed, they will see improvements in the swing. Does it always work? Like I said, adherence from the golfer is needed...


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