Saturday, March 7, 2009

Secret Skills Review

Here is another review I found on Amazon from a reader of "Secret Skills of Personal Training":

Excellent preview of the Personal Training Industry, February 19, 2009
JMJ (TX) - See all my reviewsThis is a complete book. By that, I mean it gives you a front to back look at the personal training industry and what to expect. From reading the foreward in the beginning of the book, you really get pumped up and excited about reading further. John really maps out what to expect, from getting certified, options on where to work, all the way to getting clients and retaining clients. The book is filled with what he calls "Teaching Anchors" that are very useful. I purchased the book when I started in the fitness industry and I would recommend this book to anyone just starting out or even someone currently in the industry could benefit from the book. You can always learn something from someone that has been in the industry as long as John.

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