Monday, March 23, 2009

Protecting Your Shoulders

If you suffer from shoulder impingement, chances are movements like this aggravate it:

Don't get me wrong I like the "halo" (usually called a"orbit", as Sarah Ripple puts her own spin on the kettle bell exercise). But I can see where the excessive internal rotation with abduction can increase the chances of tendinopathy. Performed without any type of scapular control, the exercise poses the same risks a bad upright row would.

An alternative to this drill is the "Mobility S Stretch" (something I had coined in my Stronger Shoulders DVD). Simply because there is less internal rotation and abduction because hand placement is much greater. This is due to the use of the dowel or bar.

Don't get me wrong. There is still some internal rotation in my version, simply because that is one of the motions we use to mobilize the shoulder joint. But the "impacted" position within the joint is lessened due to the hand placement.

Read more on how to protect the shoulders here.


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