Friday, March 13, 2009

Money & Trainers: Bad Mix?

I learned everything in sales and marketing from working in a commercial gym. Period. I had quotas and I got bonuses if I hit those numbers. I had "sales" training and learned "sales tactics" through my boss. I used those tactics on prospective clients in the gym and I learned what worked and what didn't work. If you have never worked in a commercial gym environment--where capital and revenue are important...and personal training is a BIG profit center--than I don't expect you to know.

Later, as a manager myself, I was exposed to even more tactics and the "numbers' game.

Luckily, I am also a good trainer. I became an even better trainer the more people I trained. How did I do that? I "sold" packages to many people, and I delivered on their promises. Most marketing experts lack a balance. They can sell, but they cannot deliver results. Most of them knew they were not good trainers, and decided to drop out of the game and focus on financial prosperity instead.

1.) they are new--under 2 years experience

2.) have never worked in a commercial gym environment

3.) have worked in commercial gyms, but didn't like it

Here is my take on all 3 of those categories:

1.) If you are new to training, you are not going to be very good. Face is the truth. You have not been "tested" enough. You have been coloring with a small box of crayons. There are trainers out there that color with the BIG box of crayons (the kind the kid next to you would have in class, and everyone wanted to try his unique colors). Forget making it rich. Work your ass off and learn the game. Train your ass off. Thats how you get good.

2.) Independent training is nice, but when you work for yourself, you lack a bit of that challenge. You believe your way is the best way, because the no one to challenge your ideals. Learn how sales and marketing play a HUGE role in your success. Walk the plank...get some pressure to sell by some fat guy sitting behind a desk. Learn what it takes to sell your services. Once you are successful, get out and use what you have learned to create your own empire.

3.) If you worked in a commercial gym and didn't like it, chances are you didn't like selling. You thought selling was not what you wanted to do because it didn't flow with what you were doing. You figure training and helping people should not seem "devious" (as sales usually seem). This is where you are wrong. The number of clients you work in a given week (not all time), tells me how good you are. Chances are you didn't like being under-paid at gym, but maybe, just maybe, your pay rate was actually accurate!

Figure this...if a trainer is only good at sales and not training--his clients will stay with him for long. If they don't see results, they will not stay and he will only bring in the "muffin" top of sales for the month. (Thats what I used to call it to my staff trainers). But if a trainer is good at his craft and sales, his clients stay with him and his has a waiting list. This trainer has the muffin top AND bottom. Therefore, this trainer is paid the highest tier. Don't be afraid of the pressure. Be challenged and pushed. One you have mastered both ends..go out on your own and show 'em!


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