Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Invest in your Knowledge

Are you interested in learning more? What do you want to learn more about?

Glute activation and hip mobility to deter lower back pain?

Building stronger shoulders from within?

Building time efficient workouts that will make you stronger, athletic, and flexible?

Bodyweight and dumbbell exercises that you can perform anywhere?

Learning how to observe and assess muscle dysfunction with a keen eye.

For 3 days only, all my video products are on sale with a 25% discount! Between this Wednesday and Friday (3/25-3/27), I have created a special secret link that will take you to this page. All DVD's are individually marked down 25% off the regular price and there is also a group DVD package with maximum savings.

Follow this link for the sale.

You will be prompted for a user-name and password. Type the following info EXACTLY:

User-name: Discount

Password: xEE35j

This sale is only available for these 3 days. After Friday, the password will NO LONGER work. If you need testimonials, previews, or details, visit IZZOSTRENGTH.


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