Thursday, March 5, 2009

Getting Rid of Chubbiness

Question: "Hello, my name is Dave. I'm 14 and 9th grade and my whole life I've been the fat kid and although, I'm not super obese or anything, everybody's made fun of me for it including my family occasionally. My goal is to lose at least 25 lbs. before summer. And no offense, but I don't want to hear the bull about ''oh well its not healthy'' because frankly I don't give a crap because everyone I ask tells me that. And I just cant take the teasing it anymore. Can you help me?"

JOHN's Answer: Dave, I hear you buddy...I was picked on for being chubby when I was your age. And one day I got so sick of it that I bought a weight set and started working out. Now, if you don't have a means of purchasing exercise equipment (dumbbells, etc), than I suggest you start a basic exercise program right in your bedroom. Every other day, try these exercises:

Jumping jacks (1 minute)
Ab Crunches- 15 reps
Push-ups (on knees) 10 reps
Squats - 12 reps
Jogging in place 1 minute
REST 2 minutes
Repeat the circuit 2 more times
When you get good at these exercises, add more reps and start jogging after school in your neighborhood, rather than playing with your PSP. Get a bike and ride it. Climb trees, hills, and playgrounds. You are young, so I am guessing your weight gain is simply "chub". It can easily be rectified with some daily activity and watching what you eat. Try to eat better at home. Stay away from soda, cereal, junk food, pizza, ice cream, and all that similar crap. Start eating more fruits, granola bars, veggies, and low fat foods. I know it is stuff you have heard already, but if you become more active now, it will help you burn fat and get to your goal. Invest in a fitness book and try some of the additional exercises. I am sure you can lose 25 pounds by summer. I hope this helps. Good luck buddy.
For need to give adolescents elaborate training programs. Its simply a matter of getting them to MOVE more often than they do. Start with physical activity, then behavior modification and attitude will follow. Once you have those on your side, dietary modifications are easier to make.

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  1. Hey john, I like your choices but the only thing I'd add or sub in would be the plank or woodchopers for the situps. Just throwing in my 2 cents. Congrats on everything positive happening in your life, I pray that it continues and grows!
    Keep risin to the top!


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