Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trainer Survey Says...

According to a new survey conducted by IDEA, 926 personal trainers were polled as to what their sessions consisted of. Ninety percent of those trainers surveyed said they still perform one-on-one training sessions with clients. Of that group, 55% of the time is spent on resistance training, and 22% was spent on cardio respiratory exercise. The remaining time was spend on flexibility.

My only question is...what is almost a quarter of the hour (15 minutes) being spent on? Cardio?

Does that mean trainers are wasting 15 minutes of the session simply standing next to their client on the treadmill or bike? I find this as a waste of time for both the fitness trainer and the client. Clients should be instructed to perform warm-ups or aerobic exercise during non-session time--meaning before or after or on different days.

My opinion is that most clients should be engaged in resistance training/performance based training at least 60% of the time and 25% devoted to corrective exercise/foam rolling/SMR/flexibility, and 15% on session review, adherence tactics, and future expectations.

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  1. Agreed. Some clients want a babysitter. These are the clients who one dreads to see.


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