Friday, February 13, 2009

Remember Carrot Top Skinny?

Does anyone remember when Carrot Top was a skinny, geeky red head that told jokes? I saw him on a program last night and the guy is HUOOGE now! Let's take a guess:

A.) He trains really hard

B.) Tried steroids and likes 'em

C.) Continues to use steroids and continues to train hard

Is steroid use among Hollywood's finest on the rise? Most professional actors and entertainers seem to be achieving some nice looking physiques in a very short amount of time. Granted, most have the money and time to spend in the gym for countess hours a week with personal chefs and trainers on board, but...can it be more obvious? Google the following people and make sure you view a recent photo of each:
Sylvester Stallone
Mickey Rourke
Danny Bonaducci
Dr. Dre
...Get my point?


  1. Well, they don't test actors...and since Hollywood is such a cut & dry, make-us-money-any-way-you-can type of place, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if most of them took 'roids to get the look that sells.

  2. Hey John!
    I actually met Carrot Top like a decade ago when he was in Lubbock, TX doin' a few shows! He paid to work out at the fitness center I worked at, because it was keycard-access and very private. The dude worked out hard! He was waaaaaaay smaller back then :D
    I actually watched "Breaking Bonaduce" when it was on VH1...what a moron.


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