Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My 35th B-Day: 35% off Sale!

Today is my 35th Birthday! I have to thank all of my readers and supporters who have contributed to making my career and input worthwhile for another year. You know, people still mistaken me for about 27, 28...which I guess it is a good thing. But I am not ashamed to say I am 35. I look young and I feel great. I feel stronger than I did when I was 25, and I feel healthier than ever. You know, as you get older, the gym competitiveness starts to vanish and you forget that you are trying to out-bench the mammoth in the corner, and you begin to tolerate the loud grunters on the smith machine. You simply desire to compete against yourself.

You want to be healthier than you were 1 year ago.

You want to be stronger than 1 year ago.

You want to run faster or jumper higher than 1 year ago.

You want to be leaner than 1 year ago.

You want to be better trainer, friend, and person than 1 year ago.

..there's no one in your sights, only the person in the mirror.

In celebration of my 35 years of existence, I am having a sale on two products that are designed to make trainers and fitness enthusiasts smarter in the gym: Moving More Muscles DVD and Eye of the Trainer DVD.

Purchase both DVD's below using PayPal and receive 35% off the total price. I have done that for you and would you believe the total comes out to $35.00??? What a coincidence? Also, because I am so happy about the success of this blog and the many, many readers it attracts on a daily basis--AND--the outpouring support and feedback I receive, I will also throw in a FREE copy of my book: Secret Skills of Personal Training to the first 10 orders!

Remember, the first 10 orders will receive a free copy of the book!


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