Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Knee Jerk Reaction to Knee Injuries

Well, I have to announce that since my knee injury back in August, my knee has felt 100% since the beginning of the year. I am back to squatting and have been working with 225 lbs. for 10 reps without any pain. I credit my full recovery (which took 5+ months) to rest, stretching, and foam rolling the lower-body. My IT band has gotten really stiff and I have been using a foam roller at the END of my workout, followed by static stretching. I know, I can hear all the guru's telling me I have it ass-back-wards--but I think I am on to something. I also credit the frequent use of step-ups in my lower body routine. Step-ups with a controlled focus on the knee activity really made a difference in my recovery. I replaced squats with step-ups and did some Romanian deadlifts for hamstrings and THAT WAS IT. And what do you know...with a little patient; trainer education (I consulted with some orthopedists that I train), and flexibility--I am back and looking forward to this spring.

So this poor sap, posted a question about knee cap pain and I couldn't help but respond because I know what this youngster is going thru. Check out his post and my answer that follows:

Question: A common injury I have noticed seems to be knee pain for a lot of people. I was wondering if anyone can help with my problem or if it has happened to anyone before. It happened after I was done my workout about an hour, maybe 2 hours after, but my knee started to really hurt when I was walking. By the end of the day, I could hardly walk, and it had become all swollen up. This is the front of the right knee around the knee cap. Now it feels a lot better after a couple of days after nursing it, but missed out my WO just so I didn't aggravate it any more. I can't put pressure on it or kneel down, but I'm able to bend it completely with minor discomfort. It baffles me if I did it from doing squats because I didn't feel pain straight away when doing them. So if there is anyone with any advice please can you help me!!!

My answer: "Without knowing your age, muscle maturity, or lifting is my 2 cents...The knee cap (patella) is encompassed by cartilage called patella retinaculum.

It is basically like "cyran wrap" for the knee joint. Sometimes, during heavy lifting or poor form, the kneecap can shift or slide out of place--depending on how poor the coordinated movement is of the lift and the load/velocity used. When the knee cap shifts laterally or medially, it "stretches" this retinaculum causing inflammation. Sometimes if severe enough, acute pain is felt. This process can also be known as patella subluxation.

The symptoms are sometimes referred to as symptoms of chondromalacia (Runner's knee)--and yes, you can get it without being a runner.

My other guesses would be patella tendinitis or quadriceps tendinitis.

In either case, the tendon has been irritated by your overzealousness to put up big numbers. Now, you have to rest and recover, only to start back to the beginning because you got inpatient and wanted to put up big numbers Rest and ice. Once pain has subsided--stretch. Once you can relax in a good hip flexor/quad stretch, then you can return to squats (with PERFECT form)."

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