Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Secret Review

Kaiser Serajuddin of Super-Trainer was forwarded a copy of my book "Secret Skills of Personal Training" a few weeks back, and this is what he had to say:

Secret Skills of Personal Training is a complete, no nonsense primer for anyone looking to get started and succeed in Personal Training. In an industry of hype and undelivered promises, this book details the reality of training, and gives trainers the tools to handle it.

By reading this book, you'll have a thorough understanding of the in's and out's of this job, and be fully prepared for everything that comes your way.


So who is this book for?

This is not an exercise "how to"manual. This book does not contain any heart rate charts, RPE, or formula's. This book does not contain any assessments, or muscle anatomy terms. This book does not contain any "get rich" schemes.

This book is made for the individual contemplating a career in personal training. We all know times are tough right now. The economy is forcing many businesses to eliminate alot of jobs. Many individuals have a love for fitness. You see them carrying their gym bag to work and blowing you off after-wards for their 5:15 spin class. These are the people that may be contemplating a new career as a fitness professional.

If you are unsure about your future at your current position and would rather spend your days helping others achieve goals, coaching, or staying in shape--BEFORE you enroll in a $500 course, I suggest you read Secret Skills of Personal Training. Find out what characteristics and personality traits will help you become successful.

Find out if you are "up" for the challenge of becoming a personal trainer.


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