Saturday, January 17, 2009

The $100 Session

Do you know what a $100 session is?

C' know what a $100 session is...if you are a fitness professional you know that it's the workout you and client go through that seems to be rockin' on all cylinders.

It's the workout where you begin to notice everything "clicking" right in your client. Their form looks textbook; their stamina is jacked up through the roof, and their strength is shattering windows!

It's the session that your client "starts to get it". They stop asking stupid questions and they just "start to do it". Its the session where you really begin to feel like a coach....your client is your clay and you are shaping them into this well-oiled machine.

It's the session, where others are watching you and thinking, "Damn, that guy has come a long way", or "Damn, I don't think I can do what he's doing".

It's the session, where you can't believe that you have had a hand in turning this person''s life around as they perform 20 rep box jumps, when only weeks ago they complained of knee pain.

It's the session, where all your progressions in your exercise program have all gone off without a hitch and your client is making strides better than you expected.

It's the session, where you and your client look each other in the eyes and you both know and feel like you are on the same page. They understand the difference between "training" and "working out".
It's what I call the $100 session.

Why do we concern oursleves with how much we should be charging for a session, when the REAL question is "how much are my sessions actually worth?"
Do you know how to give a $100 session? Learn how here.


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