Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wanted: Transparency in Marketing

I received an e-mail from a reader known as Pam. I had to post it in an effort to show everyone that consumers are smart and are getting smarter to marketing tactics. Transparency is the way to go in this industry. And for those "fitness experts" that look like they have never touched a barbell in their lives and try to sell me endless products on how to strike it rich... this one's for you:

Many in the industry are getting very good at marketing their product and convincing us that our lives will be better, more successful, etc., if we buy their product. In fact, they convince us that we need their product and if we pass it up, we will be missing out on something. It's really good marketing and I don't blame them for wanting to make money, but I really am getting tired of the redundant e-mails from different individuals (sometimes souped up a bit) promoting the same product but with their own affiliate id embedded in the e-mail. Some days, I get 10-15 e-mails from different individuals all promoting the same product and all telling me that my purchase will make me rich, make my business grow, or enhance my ability to coach/train in some way. There is usually some remark about their purpose in promoting the product as simply wanting to help me and other fellow colleagues prosper. Again, I don't fault them for wanting to prosper, but my gut feeling is that the business end of this profession is overshadowing the practice of the profession...but the marketing is really good, and unfortunately I usually fall for it, especially when they start dropping the names... "

Geez...another ranting fitness professional. Gosh..we are sooo negative!!! Check out this read...


  1. Amen to that, haha - Transparency is a beautiful thing - :)

  2. Another great post, John! I feel it's gonna come full-circle eventually. Karma! I used to subscribe to a gazillion freakin' newsletters from the "pros" and whatnot...slowly but surely I began unsubscribing because I felt I was constantly being bombarded by crappy attempts to bamboozle me. The crazy thing was that the more I saw these freakin' emails and such, it would tick me off! So...the answer for me is to not be associated with the "big names" that seem to be trying to take over our industry. I'd rather be associated with the good peeps! :) Keep it up!

  3. My personal solution has been to not pay attention to most of the garbage people put out...and unsubscribe to any email lists that constantly spam me with "triple your income in one week by following our simple fitness marketing strategies" crap. It's bad juju...I'd rather be a leader, not a follower...

    Like sheep to the flock...

    I don't wanna be a sheep :D


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