Thursday, December 11, 2008

The NASM Kicks Ass

I just received copies of the NASM Foundations of Personal Training course and looked them over. If you are contemplating a certification for personal training, my hard-earned money has always and continues to bet on the National Academy of Sports Medicine to be on your radar. They are a unique organization and their content is nothing short of intellectual, cutting-edge, and usable. It is no surprise that most fitness facilities and managers (like myself) look for a NASM certification when hiring potential staff.

The Foundations course is a precursor to the personal training certification course and really sets the stage for entry level trainers to understand the career and process of becoming a fitness professional. Most notably, chapters 1, 2, & 14 were written by yours truly. When I wrote these chapters I gathered all my experiences of meeting new, young trainers and interviewing them. I used their responses to my interview questions, mannerisms, and responses to color my content in those chapters. I think you will find them to be extremely helpful in shedding some light on such a career.

Chapter #1: Introduction to the Fitness Industry
- Who is the Club Attendant?
- Technological Influences
- Obesity & Diseased States
- Demands of the Health & Fitness Professional

Chapter #2: What to Expect as a Health & Fitness Professional?
- Interaction with Others
- Client Variety
- Patience

Chapter #14: Becoming a Successful Health & Fitness Professional
- Getting Certified
- Where to Start Working
- Basics of Building a Clientèle
- Basics of Maintaining a Clientèle

If you want to be a personal trainer, don't waster anymore time researching certifications. Check out the NASM Foundations course. It will help you step in the right direction.


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