Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Sale...3 Days Only

In the spirit of my favorite holiday, I want to share with you my thanks for keeping up with this blog and checking out my articles on the website. I wish you and yours a very safe and enjoyable Turkey Day!

For the next 3 days, select DVD orders come with 100% FREE SHIPPING! This offer is only available through this blog post and will disappear on Friday! Take advantage of the offers below. Use the PayPal secure shopping checkout:

Moving More Muscles DVD - Only $28.99 FREE SHIPPING! Buy here.

Free the Hips DVD - Only $27.99 FREE SHIPPING! Buy here.

Combine both DVDs for a whopping savings and discount!

Moving More Muscles & Free the Hips DVD's - $47.00 ($10.00 OFF) plus FREE SHIPPING! Buy here.

If you have any questions concerning this limited offer, please contact me at:



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