Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Horse Drawn Wagon to MACHINE!

I had the pleasure of meeting my old client Matt over the weekend in Syracuse, NY. When I first met Matt 3 years ago, he was a 15 year-old 361 pound high school football player who, with the help of his mother, sought out my help. Not only did I need to help Matt lose some weight for his health, but to improve his strength and endurance for the game that he loved. Upon our first few sessions, Matt was introverted, shy, and very defensive. I knew this was going to be a tough task. A tough task for a 15 year old adolescent because he didn't need me telling him he had to lose weight, and he didn't need me barking out orders to him. He had coaches for that.

Matt was teased alot for his weight in school. He was a popular kid, captain of his team, but he was always known as the "big guy". Matt and I talked about his growing interest in girls and how he was very hesitant to look girls in the eye--"because he hated when they lowered their eyes to his belly".
At times, during sessions, I can see Matt's anger, frustration, and determination to simply GET RID of his someone trying to swat away summer time flies away from their BBQ. Matt just HATED being in that body.

Well, we worked together for over a year. And over the months, Matt and I built a friendship--a big brother, little brother relationship. The workouts became a job...Matt "punched in" at 6pm and we worked till 7pm and he then "punched out". During sets, we talked about life, preparing for college, football, girls, high school antics, and family. Matt was really getting alot out of the sessions-especially the life lessons along with the exercises. I really was happy to have connected with someone who I can see--before my eyes--was improving how we looked, how he felt, and how he viewed himself...and the world.

I left the gym where I trained Matt and it was a hard decision for me to make, but I was confident that he had retained everything we had accomplished together in his training. Matt was 17 and looking much better at 261 pounds! And the girls were noticing...(thank God for the life lessons!)

Matt called me from college over the summer and told me he wanted to try out for a Division 1 Football Program (Syracuse). I am ashamed in my heart to write this, but I told him to "try something else...maybe Rugby". I was afraid Matt would re-hatch old demons around scholarship players and upperclassmen with serious skills. I was afraid Matt would become introverted again and fear failure--especially when I wanted to him to enjoy life at college. Well, he took my advice with a grain of salt and tried out.

And I am glad he did! He is a red-shirt freshman center, belongs to a fraternity, majoring in business and working at the school's fitness center (teaching all my secrets!).
He invited me to watch a game. As a red-shirt, you don't really play, but I was so PROUD of him as a I watched him take warm-up snaps with the third team players. He had accomplished so much in 3 years and his attitude has changed for the better. I am proud to say he WAS my client...and NOW he is my friend.


  1. Yeah it feels really good when your clients develop and you see that spark and gain in confidence.

  2. It is a great feeling and it is why I am in the positionI am. Thanks!


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