Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Transparency = Honesty

Remember in the classic movie "The Wizard of Oz", when Dorothy and her pals discover the wizard hiding behind the curtain? What did he say?"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!!!!"

Well, we've had alot of that going on the fitness industry--most specifically online. I am glad to see many fitness professionals are beginning to to tell the truth more. You see, its not all about marketing great fitness products to mailing lists...its about intent. What is your intent? Is it to work part-time as a personal trainer and be a full-time marketer? Or do you choose to be a part-time marketer and a full-time trainer? I hope you pick the latter.

Recently, a very prominent fitness professional has admitted that he is going to start being more transparent (which to you and me simply means "being more honest"), and claim that he won't produce anymore fitness products because he doesn't actively train clients anymore and he doesn't feel 'right' creating fitness products. Well, I am pleased to hear that his conscience's has interfered with his marketing tactics. It must feel really crappy to have something like that hang over your head for so long. Making fitness products when you are actually not training anyone, or doing very little of it. I mean, personal training is a "hands on" profession; and there are literally thousands and thousands of products out there--including mine!I commend him for coming out and being honest with his readers. But what motivated him to do that?

Is it the nasty feeling in his gut? or is it the fact that the consumer (me and you) are becoming wiser to marketing tactics and are just plainly getting sick and tired of all the bogus claims?

I believe in marketing. Let me say it again...I believe in marketing. I market it all the time. Let me say it again...I market all the time. Honestly, my marketing sucks. I don't do more of it. I don't write long newsletters and I don't research alot of the affiliate products that are available for me to sell. I don't like those long sales pages and I don't buy into them. There was a time when I did....but then I learned sales (from personal training) and I understood how those tactics work. And believe me, they do work.
There are "guru's" that have you eating out of their hands. Most of it is BS, if you will. It has to be BS...bigger than life. Like has to be outrageous enough for you to buy into. It has to sound so true that you can't fathom it being the opposite. Remember, how hard it was for you to accept that wrestling was fake? All lies...
I'm not different...there are many of you that believe in honesty. I believe in being honest with myself as it was en-grained in me from childhood--from my parents, my pastor, my teachers, and my friends--being honest with yourself is the key to happiness.
Marketing is needed in order to prosper a business. But there is a one way to do it, and there is another way to do it. Many fitness professionals hide behind the curtain and claim they train numerous clients...make millions...and train star athletes. The truth is, many train very little (and spend most of their time with their online obligations)....make less money than they claim, and train everyday Joe-schmoes that play "pick me up" games at the local community center. Is there something wrong with that? Absolutely not. However, I do find a problem with forging the illusion that there is more to them than there really is.
Let's break it down in simply terms...transperency is a good thing. Being honest with yourself guarantees you many nights of good sleep. As for the fitness professionals that are taking the honesty route...thanks for the clarification or should we say 'verification'?


  1. You are absolutely right! Thanks for writing a great post. I think you have to do work that will benefit people and the profession, not just using words that sell on websites.

  2. Excellent comment and thank you for the feedback. When I "call them out" I am labeled "angry and sad". Truth is...I am happy and I love changing people's lives.


  3. I work 15 hour days training back to back. Groups, athletes, boot camps spinning and other classes. My marketing is my work. If you're good people will come to you.

    I do market but I am upfront. It's the best and most effective method. Great post!

  4. Thanks Maki. I appreciate your support. John

  5. I am with ya...all the way...I just wrote a long rant on my myspace page (lol, stop laughing!) about this. I don't want to put it on my business blog b/c it's rather, hmmm...shall we say, catty-sounding? I get so ticked, though! I am seriously considering cancelling most of my newsletter subscriptions (except yours) because i'm sick and tired of reading yet another sales pitch...and then going to look at another 15-mile-long pitch webpage full of scammy, crappy lies.

    Since when did it become the "cool thing to do" to sell out? Since when did trainers decide to stop training clients and start pimping themselves (and their fellow "wanna get rich quick" friends) out?

    Guess I didn't get the memo, lol!

  6. Awesome feedback Sarah!!! All the flack I receive from the big-time marketers is worth it when I read comments like this. Stay strong and stay smart(ER)!



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