Monday, October 27, 2008

Autumn, Leaves, Football, & Ankle Sprains

This weekend was funny. My knee has begun to feel better (after a very bad episode at the gym back in early August), so I decided to play a little football with my nephews. The weather here in CT on Sunday was beautiful. After a gusty winded and rainy Saturday evening, the next day brought true autumn temperature with leaves ruffling on the ground. At the park, we began throwing football passes at each other. My knee felt really good and I wanted to test it.

With every pattern I ran, my knee was feeling good--pain-free. Without further ado, I began to enjoy the simply recreation of catching and throwing the football with my two young nephews. I stopped thinking about my knee and was more concerned with my 'spiral' and my routes.

Then on one play, my nephew punted the ball to me. He was having trouble kicking the ball with direction, so I wanted him to feel better so I ran after his kicked ball. As it flew overhead, I chased it while it descended. I ran as fast as I could to try to get under the ball. My speed was pretty good for a 35-year old I thought. Light on my feet as I have always been...

Suddenly, as I 'braked' my left foot inverted in and I heard a "pop". wasn't my knee. It was my ankle (on the same leg as my injured knee). I was in agonizing pain as I hobbled back to my nephews. Football in hand, and lump starting to form on the lateral aspect of my ankle. I knew I had sprained it. Why? Because I had sprained the same one 2 years earlier.

Immediately, I started assessing which exercises I would not be able to perform at the gym for the next 3 weeks. (Funny how us fitness people always think of our priorities first, eh?)

After a night full of icing and elevating the injured ankle; I guess I will brace it and concentrate on my upper-body starting tomorrow at the gym.

Ankle sprains suck.....


  1. I feel for you, John - Time to get after it with the upper body like you said -

  2. Sorry. I laughed when I read this blog. The irony..... ;)I wish you a speedy recovery.

  3. Sprained ankles suck. Now I got a f'ed up left knee and f'ed up left ankle! Its WWF Superstar Billy Grahm used to say "My comback trail starts here!!" Thanks guys!!


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