Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Not a Fun Place to Be: MRI

I canceled my afternoon clients and had an MRI done on my left knee. If you recall, it is still banged up from August 2nd and the doctor has finally referred me for an MRI. Believe it or not, this is my fourth one in about 10 years. The first three were not a party either, since I can be claustrophobic lying in a tube snug around my cantaloupe shoulders for 45 minutes. Today's MRI was actually easy. I went feet first and my head was out in the open. It lasted about 30 minutes and I stayed absolutely motionless throughout the procedure. I gotta thank the staff at Jefferson Radiology in Glastonbury, CT for being really friendly and thorough. I got a copy of the film and I will be awaiting a follow-up appointment with the doctor for the results.

Being inside an MRI can be very uncomfortable and nerve wreaking'. If you fear small enclosures and things being VERY near to your face, an MRI is not on the top of your priority list for things to do in your spare time. MRI machines make numerous thumping and clicking noises and the gurney you lie on slowly moves in-wards into the machine. It is like being swallowed by a huge whale. This is the first step towards finding out what the hell is going on with my knee.

I admit, I have been a bit depressed that I cannot go 100% in the gym. The squats are pitiful, the deadlifts are painful, and the lunges are non-existent. I'll find out the results of this MRI on Friday. After that, the journey begins...

I'll keep you posted!


  1. I've had 2 MRIs done over the last year, 1 on my hip and 1 on my lumbar spine, both for the same pain symptoms, so I know how it feels. It certainly is a squeeze inside, and I'm not a big guy either. Sadly(or maybe fortunately?) none of the MRIs turned out positive. In fact my spine/discs looks real healthy, so doctors still don't know what's causing the pain... :(

  2. I hear you Goi...and I have my fingers crossed. Hopefully, I just have a bad case of inflammation. Thanks!

  3. Good luck John! Hope it's just inflammation. We all go through this since we're so passionate about lifting/fitness. Keep ya head up and stay postive brother! Also, great, informative blog, keep up the good work!!


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