Thursday, September 4, 2008

Measure of a Trainer

Today as I was training my client Dan (an ex-bodybuilder-follower and now a very-athletic looking 23 year old), when an exerciser comes up to me during a rest period. Mind you, my clients' rest periods are less than 20 seconds long, so there really is never time for anyone to make a peep to me. My eyes are usually focused on my client's breathing patterns, signs of fatigue, form, and overall performance; but today Kim came up to me and stated:

"I like that exercise you were just doing with (your client). My trainer does the same thing, so I am glad I am following the right stuff".

Again, my focus was on Dan catching a few minutes of air before we went into another set of Face Pulls, so I really didn't digest her comment fully until I had a moment to recollect on the morning. When she made the comment to me, I simply nodded my head and chuckled a "that's good to hear".

Then I really thought about it. Clients really do use trainers as a measure of other trainers. I asked myself, "how do I know what her trainer knows or why she is following their program?"

I guess it becomes reassuring to clients to know that the more people are doing a specific exercise or program, than it must be the right ting to do. Is that true? Do I want to be this lady's measure? Maybe her trainer found the Face Pull and thought it would be a great exercise because it simply looks cool. For all I know, she (Kim) may have shoulder problems that she thinks may be remedied with Face Pulls, but is actually exacerbating the problem.

The truth is, no two trainers are alike. And whether two different trainers prescribe the same exercise, doesn't necessarily mean they are of equal value to the client. And just because the crowd is doing "x" program and you are using "y" program, doesn't mean you are not doing the right thing. Follow the best program that elicits the best responses from your body. Period.

End of rant :)


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