Thursday, September 25, 2008

Izzo's Random Thoughts, Pt. 2

  • I will be teaching a WITS course at Manchester Community College in Manchester, CT beginning 10/14 at 6pm. If anyone is interested in taking the course to become a personal trainer and/or listen to me present a very COOL powerpoint presentation, sign up through the school or at World Instructor Training Schools website.

  • My knee is getting a bit better. Mentally, I feel at ease becuase I now know it is nothing serious. However, tendinopathies are a BITCH! This is what I have added/omitted in my workouts recently to accomodate my banged up knee.
  1. - Foam rolling and massage stick the quadriceps
  2. - Wearing my Nike Frees more
  3. - Back squats out, front squats in!
  4. - No lunges (for now)
  5. - Stretching the hip flexors & hamstrings
  6. - Lateral Step ups (like 'em)

  • If you haven't picked up your free copy of Training Revolutions Issue #5...what are you waiting for? Get it here for free!

  • I'll be traveling to Nashua, New Hampshire this Saturday (9/27) for the Symposium of Strength. If you see me there, tap me on the shoulder and say "hello".


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