Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gym Rants...Part 1

From time to time, I will include a story about an experience I have at a gym--not necessarily my facility, but where I tend to train ("workout" for you exercisers).

Last week I joined a gym with my girl. She is not as heavily into fitness as I am, however she does stay in shape. We go on 4 mile runs and hikes, however, I have been hounding her to begin a strength training program. Although she agrees with my recommendation, she has many apprehensions about joining a facility. Her main concerns are gym intimidation and equipment unfamiliarity. Two very common deterrents to beginning a exercise program. So I decided to join the gym with her even though I already belong to another gym in another town, and work in a fitness center. With my knee in the bad shape it has been, I figured I will take it easy with my workouts when I am with her at this new place, and blast my workouts when I am at my own gym. (By the way, I have scheduled a appointment with my orthopedist next week to rule out any meniscus tears (which I am starting to believe may be the case).

So on our first night, I took her on the treadmills overlooking the entire gym floor. As we walked, I talked to her about the facility and what to expect. Here are some topics we covered:

1.) Busy times - we entered the gym at 6:40pm on a Tuesday night. Typically, gyms are busy at this time with lots of foot traffic. Luckily, the gym we joined is a HUGE warehouse and has plenty of space. I don't like having smelly people all up in my grille.

2.) Watched others workout - it is common for new exercisers to think people are watching each other workout; and although not always the case, we observed everyone pretty much doing their own thing.

3.) Equipment use & form - Yikes...this was amusing for me. I showed her exercisers using "good" form and others using "poor" form. My girl got the gist.

Before I go into my rant....let me state that I NEVER use machines. I am a "dumbbells-barbell-cable-type of guy". So in order to help my girl feel alittle bit less intimidated, I decided to show her how to use the gym's "express line". The last thing I want is a pencil neck trainer with 12 inch arms and a tribal band approach my girl and try to convince her she needs to train with him. Unknowing to him, he doesn't know who she is with *wink*wink....

So we jumped off the treadmills and wiped them down and proceeded to the gym floor.

What happened next was unbeliveable.....



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