Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gym Rants...Part 2

If you missed Part 1, make sure you go back and read it or none of this will make sense :)

So as I stepped off the treadmill with my girl at this new gym we joined, we walked onto the gym floor among the numerous machines. I am not a machine-type of guy, but I wanted to decrease the intimidation and anxiety my girl was feeling (since we joined this new gym together).

As we approached the gym's "express line", I couldn't help but see all these users 'rockin' away'. Seriously, rocking back and forth on the machines. It looked downright silly. I observed one of the machines and noticed it was manufactured by Hoist Inc., and the line was called their "ROC-IT" strength line. Well, I gave a seated biceps curl a try for ha-ha's and it was unbelievably ineffective. My body rocked forward and back as I curled the weight and I saw absolutely no point in this. My girl, on the other hand--the poor mis-guided soul that she is--actually enjoyed it. She admitted she didn't know better, but I was perplexed at how many deconditioned people were using these machines and...enjoying it! I went home that night and looked up the manufacturer's info on the Internet.

The site proposes these benefits for the particularity of the product:

The compound movement unique to the ROC-IT™ line is ideal for medical and rehab facilities

Helps to retain existing members by bringing the playground back into the gym

Provides an engaging and interactive approach to exercise to help attract new members

I thought, "What the f*ck?"

Where is the data that says rocking back and forth is ideal for medical and rehab settings? Playgrounds in the gym? Playgrounds belong in a park. Interactive? If you work out hard enough, there is no time to interact except AFTER your workout is complete. Trying these machines out myself and watching all the users "rocking back and forth" really assured me of one thing....

Don't get me wrong...there is a purpose for some fitness machines, but it not to rock back and forth so that I can have fun. If I want to have fun, it is at a bar with friends...a hike...or night out with my lady. The gym is strictly business. Punch the clock and get out.

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  1. People tend to feel uncomfortable with free weights - because that's what they do - make you feel uncomfortable and sore - especially if you've never used them before.

    Shiny new machines, on the other hand, are easy and make you "look" like you're doing something.

    I'm not familiar with the brand you cited, but I can imagine how silly they must have looked.

    Machines are a good way to introduce the non-physical person to a workout lifestyle, but I hope they realize how limited machines are - and some machines are definitely better than others.

    That being said, you can't deny that free weights plus your own body weight are the best.

    Chris Melton - The Rotater


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