Saturday, May 10, 2008

Water Myths

Here is an interesting article on water consumption. Should really make you scratch your head...

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  1. interesting timing of this post, john. i just threw some obnoxious lady outta my gym because she insisted on trying to sell me some freakin' "super-oxygenated" water...

    im no chemistry major, but isnt h2o with more "O" something else? OF COURSE IT IS!!! another goddamm MLM!

    un-freakin believable! the problem is...EVERY person I told that story to, looked at me like i was speaking another language. every one of them thought that pumping a little extra AIR into the bottle somehow thought it would change the molecular structure of the water.

    so they all answered the question i had in my head. "who the 'F' buys this stuff." apparently, everyone regardless of having a brain or not.



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