Monday, May 12, 2008

Did you get the first e-mail? many more e-mails do I have to receive about the e-mail I supposedly was sent but didn't receive? Are you confused? Here goes...another marketing tactic introduced into the Internet fitness world is the "reinforcing follow up e-mail".

Have you ever received an email about a new fitness product (fat loss eBook, exercise program, etc, etc) that is clogged up with nothing but affiliate links, only to have another e-mail sent to you about 48 hours later stating that the link has to be sent again because "some people have said they didn't receive the first one"?

My question is, if the recipients that stated they didn't receive the first one, how do they know there was an e-mail sent? And, if so...why not just resend the e-mail to them rather than to the entire mailing list?

Out of sight, out of marketing, the more and more people see, hear, or read about a product, the more likely they are to purchase it. That is fine and dandy....but why BS us about some people have not received the first e-mail, so there is a need to send out a second? Geez...go back to PTuniversity or listen to your 10 disc-marketing secrets again.

Awww...I'm being negative again, darn it!


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