Friday, May 9, 2008

The Curling Pandemic

I had to pass this awesome post over at IOL from my man, Drew. This country is continuing to have its problems:

National Debt

Illegal Immigration

National Security


Twisted Politics

and ....Curling in the Squat Rack!

I love the shirt. I just ordered mine...


  1. John! seriously...of all the shit we deal with pertaining to the gym and clients, is curling in the squat rack REALLY that big of a deal? with about a million different squat variations that DONT take place in a rack...i mean, c'mon. Just as lame as people complaining bout curling in the squat rack is people not original enough in their programming or training to NEED a squat rack.

  2. I agree with you on the many squat variations...seriously. But when I want to squat 315 for reps, where can it "safely" be done?

  3. Yes Anonymous it's that big of a deal!

    The epidemic extends throughout the world. As we made progress in Iraq during my 15 month deployment and the Surge secured the local populace and allowed the Iraqi Police and Army to hold and maintain security in the region, we were still at a quagmire with wannabes entering the squat rack to "power" curl 65 pounds whilst more serious minded powerlifters "weighted" to enter the domain reserved for heavy squats.

    Seriously, you have to see the humor in this, no?


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