Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bootcamp Class #2

So my second boot-camp class went off without a hitch today. I call it "Group Strength Circuit" simply because I know what a "boot-camp style" class is, but I don't want to market it as such. Why you ask? Typically, I have found that group classes (like a boot-camp) usually keep the instructor busy shouting out instructions or showing off their own moves; and I like to walk around and supervise each individual's form.

So what did I have the ladies doing today? Another her great circuit made up of some strength, power, and metabolic components.


Jogging in Place
Jumping Jacks
Partial Squats
Arm Circles


Sumo Squats with 10 lb. Med Ball

Jogging in place

Standing DB Press

BOSU Squats

Y's on Ball

Single Leg Bulgarian Squats

Curls with Tubing

Rows with JC Band

Mountain Climbers

Med Pall Throwdowns

Tricep Dips

Group Stretch

Active & Static


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