Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Training Revolutions 4 is FREE

I made 2 announcements today in my member update mailing. The first announcement was this blog which I am looking forward to sharing as many of my opinions (how harsh as I wanna be) without worrying about pissing anyone off; crossing any forum administrators who wanna kiss the marketing experts' asses; and share my experiences with my present-day clientèle.

The second announcement was the Re-Release of Training Revolutions 4 as a FREE Download! Yes...after long deliberation with fellow authors I have decided to release it as a free download because I feel the info is too high-quality to be passed on. So visit the TR4 website and sign up for the download link and enjoy the 53 page edition. Look for TR5 in the summer 2008!

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  1. Great info John! Thanks for your insights and advice over at IOL as well.



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