Monday, April 26, 2010

Fitness Choke Collars

Yesterday, I met with a prospective client named Veronica. Veronica is your typical 39 year-old mother who had gained about 30 extra pounds since giving birth to her son...almost 5 years ago. Veronica explained to me that she has tried everything under the sun to lose weight: she has met with nutritionists, homeopathic practitioners, personal trainers; joined walking groups; tried diets (South Beach & Atkins); purchased all the fitness equipment (elliptical & treadmill); and tried the popular meal plans (Weight Watchers & Jenny Craig). She even contemplated gastric by-pass surgery. It sounds like she has spent literally thousands of dollars on weight-loss products and programs, but failed at each and every one.

Before I go further, let me take a step back. For weeks, I used to watch Veronica come into the gym and hop on the elliptical and listen to her Ipod. As I watched her flip through the channels on the TV screen or talk to her neighboring exerciser about last weekend's dinner engagement, I noticed Veronica was missing one key ingredient in every workout I witnessed. Can you guess? It's call "intensity".

During my conversation with Veronica, I explained to her that she seems to be missing the intensity and drive needed to alter her body composition. We talked about the need to burn as many calories as possible in the least amount of time and how building muscle is going to be a necessity to combat the bulge that she tried so hard to lose for 5 years.

Well, when I gave her a chance to provide feedback on what I expected of her I noticed that her "choke collar" was tightening. Let me explain.

Veronica showered me with the following excuses as to why she doesn't work out too hard:

"I hate to sweat."
"I know I should be working out harder, but my knees will begin to hurt if I increase the resistance."
"Well, I thought I had to stay in a 'fat burn' zone".
"But I don't wanna get big...I just want nice, tone arms."

You see, after every excuse I felt that her choke collar was being pulled--much like a dog's owner steering their pet away from an unwanted destination. It seemed that Veronica's mind was programmed to stay on ONE track to achieving her goal--which up until our meeting--resembled hammering a square peg into a round hole.

It's funny how so many individuals who are overweight always try everything under the sun to lose the weight--tangible gadgets and fads that become wasted dollars and time. However, the useful tools that will help are the intangible ones that don't cost any money: fortitude, commitment, tenacity, and desire. If Veronica REALLY possesses these 4 qualities, then using higher intensities during her training will loosen that collar up a bit...and eventually remove it.

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  1. Isn't that the majority of our clients? It seems most think that just seeing a personal trainer or having an elliptical at home is enough to help them get the results they want.


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