Friday, April 11, 2008

Experience is the Best Teacher

Dr. Michael DeBakey pioneered numerous cardiovascular procedures, including the coronary bypass and the artificial-heart transplant. In 1954, he devised a technique to repair arteries using a Dacron tube he made on his wife's sewing machine. In 2006, he became the oldest survivor of the procedure he invented. At the age of 99, he notes the things he has learned through his professional life that has esyablished himself as a respected colleague in the medical field. I love reading things like this because the field of personal training doesn't always have to be about exercise, VO2 max, and increasing vertical leap. It has to do with learning from the ones we help--and the things we learn from others, whether they are obese, lazy, or helpless--still help us grow as people first...then professionals.

Hopefully, the circle-jerk clan of twenty somethings in the strength & conditioning/fitness field remember that its not always about tooting their own horn--but the grain of this profession is putting others first. Read Dr. DeBakey's lessons learned:

***Make sure you take note of #4.

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